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Lets Talk Skin Grab
Educational post Let’s talk skin grab So bronsun, is not a tint it’s a dye and it’s a duo result product, eg you want a hair dye AND a skin grab. So we need to think about those two end...
Water - Can we use after Lamination

Can you use water!

So i thought I’d give you the info you need,
Adding water after a lash lift or brow lamination will NOT reverse the treatment.

Castor Oil V Coconut Oil


Ok, so I’m a little geek when it comes to why we use certain products and how they work and chemically how they perform! And something that I’m asked about all the time is castor oil, why do we recommend this as an oil, over. Say coconut oil etc,

10,000 Adaptations

16th March 2020, this was the day I took my last pre lockdown client in my salon and training academy. 

That day I took the decision to close my doors, the feeling of dread just wouldn’t leave my body and we all KNEW something was coming.