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As the skin is thicker, it does not absorb the pigment like the rest of the skin 
The Nitty Gritty on Airbrush - let’s do this
Hybrid Tints that are EU approved, and made by reputable companies will adhere to the standard allowed amount of PPD, in USA the limit is also stringently checked by the FDA
Following the FIRST uk & EU AIRBRUSH CLASS, by us and BADGAL.BROWS, we wanted to add a blog on something thats in our e book on the class  TINT MIXING RULES APPLY    When it comes to mixing brow stain...
A tint that repairs? Is that even a thing? Why yes, AQUA DROPS has entered the chat
I was on Facebook groups this morning and saw this comment:      And I thought I should give my thoughts around what we can and can’t do.    Real life versus Salon life ♥️   Let’s get real, we...
To Oil, or not to Oil, that is the question?
So let’s talk about oiling the brows following a treatment that involves a skin grab. And by that we mean Henna & Hybrid Treatments  In todays advanced, brow treatments, we are learning all the time ways to give our clients...
Why Glitter & Brow Lam Dont Mix
So i feel like the grinch that stole christmas, because im a little glitter magpie and I would be covered in it, if i could.... BUT glitter and lamination (brows and lashes) is not a thing.  We are ALL for...
Henna After Lamination? Lets Debunk
When thioglycolate acid and henna are mixed together, their contrasting chemical properties can lead to adverse reactions. 
Skin Grab After Lamination
Ok, I’m asked about this A LOT!! 🖤🖤Skin grab after lamination using any hybrid tint brand🖤So after lamination (step 2) add a little saline to a cotton round) and wipe over the brows following the the hair direction. Reason -...
I would look at this and then ask the client whether they prefer silver or gold jewellery (silver - cool, gold warm, and both - neutral)
Lets Talk Skin Grab
Educational post Let’s talk skin grab So Hybrid Brows (eg Bronsun, Infinity), are tint/dye and it’s a duo result product, eg you want a hair tint/dye AND a skin grab. So we need to think about those two end results when...
Water - Can we use after Lamination

Can you use water!

So i thought I’d give you the info you need,
Adding water after a lash lift or brow lamination will NOT reverse the treatment.

Castor Oil V Coconut Oil


Ok, so I’m a little geek when it comes to why we use certain products and how they work and chemically how they perform! And something that I’m asked about all the time is castor oil, why do we recommend this as an oil, over. Say coconut oil etc,

10,000 Adaptations

16th March 2020, this was the day I took my last pre lockdown client in my salon and training academy. 

That day I took the decision to close my doors, the feeling of dread just wouldn’t leave my body and we all KNEW something was coming.