Water - Can we use after Lamination

Can you use water!

So i thought I’d give you the info you need,
Adding water after a lash lift or brow lamination will NOT reverse the treatment.

You are chemically altering the disulphide bond on the hair, this is a permanent change to the bond.

Adding water will NOT reverse this or change the outcome.

Some brands have different rules on how to use and remove their products, those have to be adhered to, for the best results, but more often than not, you NEED to make sure your product is fully removed or you risk a reaction On your client, eg leaving solution 1 on with no removal will cause the hair bond to continue to break down and dissolve.

So just for clarity. Here is the science,

When we perform a lash lift or brow lamination, we are changing the ph level of the hair, when we take a normal hair shaft and break down that bond and then reset it, we are removing the moisture / dehydrating the shaft, due to the chemical reaction that is created.

When this treatment is finished. The bonds are not “stabilised. They are fixed, and will continue to stabilise over the next 48 hours (this is clients dependant; but on average 48 hours)
During this time. You can do things that can cause that stabilisation process to be altered, so caution is advised. However pure water (which is ph neutral) won’t change the result.

The things that will affect are heat (sauna, steam room, tanning booth)
They will accelerate the chemical procedure while stabilisation is in process and can cause the treatment to slightly over process, (curly brows: over processed lashes)

Swimming pool - chlorinated water - the issue is not the water: but chlorine, chlorine is not ph neutral and can cause the stabilisation process to be altered due to a weak acid called Hypochlorous acid being produced by the addition of chlorine to the water.

Gym - sweat, again this is to avoid the heat predominately, however sweat is NOT ph neutral and can alter the treatment,

So, hope this makes sense, water doesn’t cause the issue 
Water Cannot reverse a chemical procedure, however if that water is followed by heat, chlorine, etc
Then this impacts on the result

Hope this helps someone.


  • Jessica

    Omg thank you! I was just freaking out cause out of habit I washed my face and got my brows wet and immediately after thought I ruined my brand new lamination. Glad it’s not as bad as it’s seems! Thank you :)

  • Libby

    God thank you yes it did help!!! I had my brows done for the first time and the salon didn’t say keep dry for 24 hours. I washed my face tonight then googled something on brow lamination and EVERY WEBPAGE SCREAMS to leave them dry for at least 24 hours. So thank you for making me think I didn’t just throw $150 down the sink!

  • Aiyesha

    One of the best things ive read. Thank you

  • Trudy

    This helped me so much! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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