Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit
Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit
Brow Exfoliating Pad for Hybrid Henna Brows  | The Brow Geek
Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit
Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit
Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit

Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit


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Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Kit FOR THE BEST HYBRID BROWS


Prep those brows like The Brow Geek™ herself. With the Ultimate Hybrid Brow Prep Shampoo Box, you will get:


  • Infinity Hybrid Brow Shampoo 60 mL
  • Brow Geek Gentle Exfoliating Pad
  • Option to add 100 mL Saline
  • Option to add The Brow Geek white than white Gel mapping pen


Infinity Hybrid Brow Shampoo


This is a bespoke oil-free formula brought to you after extensive testing to find the perfect balance for those prepped brows. No residue, no glycerin, no oils of any kind! Suitable for your hybrid brow dyes and tints, or skin grab results, this incredible Infinity Hybrid Brow Shampoo is designed from the original Brow Geek shampoo but BETTER!


Brow Geek Gentle Exfoliating Pad


Our exfoliating pad is a multi-use brow exfoliator made with love—effective enough to leave your skin with the perfect base for your skin grab brow products, but gentle enough that you can use safely pre-lamination with no risk of aggravation to the client.


Measuring 2 x 1.5 inches, it fits perfectly between your fingers, offering an ergonomic grip. Additionally, it is soft to the touch with no nasty acrylic fibres than can be abrasive to the skin. 


Once used, you can safely wash it, sterilize, and use it time and time again, reducing both the cost to yourself and the environment, No spoolies, no disposables—just your new brow BFF!


Infinity Saline Solution


Our saline solution is a sterile solution of salt in water that is commonly used in brow services for its cleansing, sterilising, hydrating, and soothing properties. It helps cleanse and sterilise the skin, reducing the risk of infection or inflammation, while also keeping the skin hydrated and improving the absorption of brow products for a more even and natural-looking result.


You can read more about this amazing product HERE


White Gel Mapping Pen


And lastly, our perfectly tipped White Gel Mapping Pen is your ultimate tool in creating those perfectly mapped brows.


What are you waiting for? If you want to create the best hybrid brows or achieve the best brow stain on your clients, this is the perfect Hybrid Brow Prep Toolkit you will ever need. Most importantly, our products are vegan-friendly and are NEVER ever tested on animals.


SDS Downloadable link HERE



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