Infinity Buff & Blend Brush
Infinity Buff & Blend Brush
Infinity Buff & Blend Brush
Infinity Buff & Blend Brush
Infinity Buff & Blend Brush

Infinity Buff & Blend Brush


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Achieve flawless hybrid tint application to the eyebrows with our Infinity Buff and Blend Brush. This innovative eyebrow brush features two heads specifically designed for multiple purposes, ensuring that you create the best hybrid brows to your clients. Made with only the highest quality materials, our extraordinary brow brush features extra-thick, ergonomic design, ensuring ease of use, comfortable grip, and long-lasting durability.


The first head of the of our eyebrow brush has a rounded design that is perfect for blending and buffing out any harsh lines or edges to your highlight line. This brush head is soft and fluffy to allow you to blend the makeup seamlessly for a natural and polished look.


On the other hand, the second head is a straight brush that is ideal for applying highlight or tint with precision. The firm bristles of this brush head make it easy to apply eyebrow tint exactly where you want it, giving you the control, you need to create a beautiful brow.


Whether you're a brow beginner or a seasoned pro, the Infinity Buff and Blend Brush is a must-have tool in your collection. With its two unique brush heads, you can achieve a variety of looks with ease and confidence.


What we love about this buff and blend eyebrow brush:


  • Ergonomic design for comfortable grip
  • Double brush heads for buffing and blending the eyebrows
  • Soft and fluffy bristles on one end and firm bristle on the other end
  • Ideal for personal or professional procedures
  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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