A tint that repairs? Is that even a thing? Why yes, AQUA DROPS has entered the chat

I was on Facebook groups this morning and saw this comment: 



And I thought I should give my thoughts around what we can and can’t do. 


Real life versus Salon life ♥️


Let’s get real, we all used the plex in our brow treatments, and even encourage using on the face with their own posts on beards. 🤓

However, they have recently updated to say that we cannot use this near the eye area because it is not suitable. 🚨


And then AQUA DROPS entered the chat. 💡

Infinity - made up of me and Amber, are two techs with the proverbial finger on the pulse (ahem I mean brow) 🤣


we have brought you the product to end all products. This world first is quite literally making waves in the industry. (Aqua drops / waves 🌊) gettit 🤣


Our unique formula, it’s like nothing you’ve ever used before. 18 months in development. Over 60 samples, trialled and tested. And we have absolutely perfect formula. 



This bad boy, comes in seven shades (2 to come in a few weeks) and is infused with a 53 bond peptide builder, in other words, this repairs as you tint. 🧪

This amazing technology is proven to work in around four minutes, and is suitable for after lamination or as a standalone hybrid. 


Your maintenance appointments no longer need lengthy excessive and expensive additional products that we are really not allowed to use in a professional environment. 


So with thousands globally, joining the Infinity revolution, and aqua drops being the Big Brother. You never knew you needed. Are you ready to come and join us. 

Come join us, the water is lovely💧♾️


Little bit about 💧Aqua drops💧, it’s a liquid formula , which means that it is suitable only for the Brows, we are asked often, “ Can this be used on Lashes” 

🚨And the answer is no, liquid products can run into the eye, so we avoid. 

Your skin grab packs, a punch, these are a bold range of colours. Results can last over 10 days, but we advertise this as around 10 in order to manage your customers expectations. 

Of course, as is the Infinity way, it comes with the training, which is free and in eight languages. 

There’s no gatekeeping here. ❌❌


If you want to try for yourself, we are available globally 🌍


🔗 https://linktr.ee/infinityhybrid



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