Castor Oil V Coconut Oil


Ok, so I’m a little geek when it comes to why we use certain products and how they work and chemically how they perform! And something that I’m asked about all the time is castor oil, why do we recommend this as an oil, over. Say coconut oil etc,

Welll ... first of all - coconut oil. Isn’t great for the face, it’s comedogenic - which means it’s really high on the scale of around 4 - this is an indicator of what products can cause blocked pores and acne;

Castor oil is 1, which is low! So much better for on skin use, in addition. Castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid, at around 90% - this is a fatty acid and actually promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to the area (the technical term is Vasodilation)

It’s all to do with receptors in our body, and stimulating or restricting them can have positive or negative effects, so castor oil, is superb to stimulate hair growth because of its chemical composition - eg a fatty acid that is proven to increase hair growth.

So there you have it, castor oil v coconut oil - the big debate.

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