Lets Talk Skin Grab

Educational post 🤍
Let’s talk skin grab 👀
So Hybrid Brows (eg Bronsun, Infinity), are tint/dye and it’s a duo result product,
eg you want a hair tint/dye AND a skin grab.
So we need to think about those two end results when we prep the area.
A quick swipe with a make up cleanser is not going to give you long lasting results and micellar water contains oils
So let’s talk prep
I see many are using make up remover with no exfoliating,
I see many use micellar water
I see many use lash shampoos and spoolies,
If you want a long lasting skin grab, then proper prep is step 1 and can’t be avoided.
Make up remover / micellar water contains oils, and oil is a barrier, oil prevents the skin getting stained (think using a barrier pre normal tint)
Yes even “oil free” ones, contain glycerin which is an oil
Lash shampoo, these are great in a jam, but lash shampoos also contain glycerin and coconut oil derivatives (google your ingredients)
Glycerin is an oil, this is fine for lashes pre extensions as it’s nourishing and doesn’t affect the lash, but for a pre skin grab result, we need completely oil free
We NEED to exfoliate, this is not a step you can skip, we are constantly shedding dead skin cells, this is NORMAL - so exfoliating the area will prep your skin properly and means you’re not applying to that top dead layer of skin hard going to flake off in a day or two
However if this is before lamination then you need to use a light exfoliation, heavy scrubbing with a spoolie is going to leave your client with potentially small fissures in the skin and leave then open to higher levels of abrasion, erythema or vasodilation to the areas and should be avoided
So what do we do
Invest in proper prep products, and increase your knowledge,
If you use lash shampoo and a spoolie pre hybrid tint, then further degrease with saline to prep, some lash shampoos contain silica which will result in poor skin grab even after saline.
If you want to do lam, then hybrid then you need either a softer exfoliating product or a specific brow exfoliator product.
Some kits includes extensive prep containing 5 items and costs a fair amount, to buy which increases your cost per treatment
Ive created a range too that’s using all my knowledge above,
The perfect prep shampoo and exfoliating pad is oil free, vegan, cruelty free
Multi use exfoliating pad, no need for spoolies or further degreasing the area to remove glycerin
It’s soft, it’s sensitive and lasts 80 sets of brows.
No more using lots of disposables, and keeps the cost to you per treatment down .
I’ll link below,
But what ever your prep is, then remember
You need to think about the overall treatment, if you want a good DUO result, then you need to prepare for that - keep this post, refer to it, and if you’re stuck using a non pro item, then add to your kit with saline
You NEED - oil free shampoo, multi use exfoliator and saline, that’s it, that’s all you need 🤍
Happy to answer questions 
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