Skin Grab After Lamination

Ok, I’m asked about this A LOT!! 🖤

🖤Skin grab after lamination using any hybrid tint brand🖤

So after lamination (step 2) add a little saline to a cotton round) and wipe over the brows following the the hair direction.

Reason - most if not all brow lamination kits contain oils which are part of the solution in order to nourish the hair while processing, (oil is a BARRIER) and as such after lam, if we do not remove this barrier, the skin grab can be poor.

So -

1. This will not affect your lamination,
2. Saline is safe enough to put in your eyes, so this is safe to use on skin
3. Sodium chloride is the mineral in saline which is increases the oxidation of fatty acids, which causes the oil to breakdown (chemically)

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  • Jane Coyle-Hart

    This is very helpful advice! I have seen the oil residue and thought it was just the way the product ingredient was…dabbing with saline makes so much sense to remove residue.

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