One of my most asked questions is this. Especially when we are looking at how we work out which undertone to balance when using bronsun
So its all in the veins.
Generally speaking the image attached (thanks Google) will tell you your undertone
This then will affect the result of the dye - as our skin undertone will either highlight or accentuate the base pigment colour of bronsun (for example)
                              Warm Tones (gold jewellery)
These undertones will vary in range from an orange/peachy, golden and yellow, while the veins will appear olive or green.
                                Cool Tones (silver)
A cool undertone can be identified by its red. pink, or a blue-ish shade, while the veins will appear blue or purple-ish.
                               Neutral Tones (both)
If there is a mixture of cool and warm tones, then we would typically defined these as neutral.
The veins can both appear green and blue.
So what does this mean?
I would look at this and then ask the client whether they prefer silver or gold jewellery (silver - cool, gold warm, and both - neutral)
I’d then use this info before I look at the hair colour to assess what my colour mix is going to be, then armed with my cheat sheet or ratio sheet, I’d mix up my batch of bronsun or hybrid according to my assessment.
Choosing the right shade, ultimately depends on what the client prefers, so be sure to ask too- but typically, this is what I do:
For cool undertones, you should go with ash tones and cooler colors.
For warm undertones, you can look for red-ish, golden and warmer colors to be complementary to their look.
If you’re really not sure, my advice is always choose a cooler tone, this is because our warm tones have a higher chance of being wrong if the undertone is slightly warmer than expected (hence the “orange/yellow brow)
So there we have it, bookmark this for info
I will cover in more depth on the next bronsun masterclass - why not join HERE❤️

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