To Oil, or not to Oil, that is the question?

So let’s talk about oiling the brows following a treatment that involves a skin grab.

And by that we mean Henna & Hybrid Treatments 

In todays advanced, brow treatments, we are learning all the time ways to give our clients the best results and treatments using the tools at our disposal. 


One of the things that we are learning as artists is the impact that skin care and good preparation can have on the results for clients, and the longevity of their treatments

One of our top tips which is included in our training is to apply an oil after applying your hybrid tint, to help to give the colour some vibrancy and sheen. 

In all instances using oil before these treatments is always a massive no no, because as we know oil is a barrier.  But adding a little drop of oil; Post treatment can make all the difference to your results.

Moisturising the skin after your henna or hybrid brow treatment can help prolong the skin grab longevity by maintaining the health and hydration of the outermost layer of skin where the product resides. When you apply these products, it often colours the top layer of your skin, which is composed of dead skin cells, this outer layer of the skin, is known as the stratum corneum.

As these cells naturally shed over time, the colour will fade. 

Moisturising the skin helps to slow down the shedding of these dead skin cells. When the skin is well-hydrated, it becomes more pliable and less likely to shed rapidly. This means that the layer of skin with the skin grab stays intact for a longer period, extending the lifespan of the appearance of colour.

Additionally, moisturised skin tends to reflect light better and appear smoother, which can make the colour look more even and vibrant.

Also, remember that exfoliation and scrubbing should be avoided, as this can accelerate the shedding of dead skin cells and cause the brows  to fade more quickly.

We recommend applying a dot of your favourite moisturiser or oil to your ring finger and patting it on gently, no rubbing, and no excessive oils needed. 

Try it yourself and let us know how it goes?



The Brow Geek 



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