Following the FIRST uk & EU AIRBRUSH CLASS, by us and BADGAL.BROWS, we wanted to add a blog on something thats in our e book on the class 



When it comes to mixing brow stain and oxidizer, it is generally not recommended to do so in a metal container. This is primarily because certain metals can react with the chemicals present in the tint and oxidizer, potentially causing unwanted chemical reactions or compromising the effectiveness of the mixture.


For example, metals like aluminum, iron, or copper can react with the oxidizing agent in the mixture, leading to a reduction in its potency or even discoloration. Additionally, some metals may leach into the mixture, altering its composition and potentially affecting the desired outcome.


To ensure optimal results and minimize any potential negative reactions, it is recommended to mix the brow tint and oxidizer in non-reactive containers, such as plastic or glass. These materials are less likely to interact with the chemicals and maintain the integrity of the mixture.


Most airbrush machines are coated/or have plastic caps.  This is fine, just be mindful that full metal should be avoided


(ps, once mixed the spray nozzle is fine to use)


Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines provided with the brow tint and oxidizer to ensure proper mixing techniques and container recommendations for the specific products you are using.


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As always Geek by name, Geek by nature 


Stay safe on this new trend 


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