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Brow Lifting Jelly - retail size 8g

Regular price£20.00

Believe the Hype

Brow Lamination in a Jar, really - YES!!


want to retail? Min order 5, use code BAWHOLESALE for 35% off 

This is your new Brow BFF - and is like none other on the market, throw away your brow gels, and your brow soaps, and get our Lifting Jelly. 

This formula needs no water, and is supplied with a double ended brush that fits neatly in your make up bag.

Our jelly like formula, will set those brows into place - not frozen, not locked, but set like jelly. 

Fully pliable ingredients means they are set in the position you set them, and you do not need to touch them again for the rest of they day. 

Tested by The Brow Geek™ herself, the staying power of this product is incredible, and at 15g this is our PRO size jar, that will last you for months and months


Do you want to show your clients how brow lamination will look? 

Do you want to nail those tik/toks and insta reels after your Hybrid Brows?

Do you want to have a product that is suitable for even your most sensitive clients?

Are you a make up artist looking for those bomb brows with NO residue?

Are you just looking at a product that will set your brows day after day?

Then this is for you 


Suitable for PRO-Retail and of course can be provided to salons to retail in store too 

Our unique formula is : 

  • Never tested on animals
  • Vegan Friendly 
  • Water based formula 
  • Oil Free 
  • No Parabens or Nasties 
  • Alcohol Free

How to Use:

  • In stock, ready to ship
  • Inventory on the way

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